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CEO's Message

GS1 Cambodia is part of a global bar coding and numbering organization that licenses authorized barcode numbers for Cambodian businesses. Businesses can then put these barcode numbers on their products to sell them locally and globally. To be licensed to use a GS1 barcode number, you must become a member of GS1 Cambodia. Having GS1 Barcodes ensures that each barcode number you are licensed to use is unique. No other businesses can use your barcode numbers or barcodes on their products.

Since our inception in 2003 as the only organization assigning and administering GS1 Bar Code in Cambodia , we have at helping our members work smarter and more efficiently with the GS1 System as our platform-speeding goods to markets, forging closer bonds with customers and unlocking the business building power of accurate, real time information. Internationally, around one Million member companies in 145 countries use GS1 Standards to order, track, trace, deliver and pay for billions of goods each day.

I hope GS1 Cambodia handbook 2012- 2015, the second publication of GS1 Cambodia, will serve in guiding GS1 system, GS1 Cambodia’s activity, and all contact information of GS1 Cambodia members. In the future, I’m going to continuous publication designed with update a new systems, technology and services of GS1 System for providing to all GS1 Cambodia members. Through these missions, we aim to increase consumer’s benefits in Cambodia.


GS1 Cambodia

Chief Executive Officer