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How to become a member?

Who should join GS1 Cambodia?

  1. Manufactures who aim at commerce excellence.
  2. Wholesalers whose products have bar codes marking.
  3. Retailers who use scanners at their point of sale.
  4. Exporters.
  5. Printing houses.
  6. Manufactures and Suppliers whose business are associated with bar code equipment or accessories.
  7. Logistic Units and other relevant service providers


The benefits of join GS1 Cambodia?

  1.  Immediate allocation of GS1 GTIN, GLN.
  2.  Technical advice on scanning and production of the GS1 bar codes on products.
  3.  Holding the training seminar to all members of GS1 Cambodia.
  4.  Providing a show case to exhibit their products.
  5.  Every two years we select the outstanding and good members for GS1 Cambodia.
  6.  Publication and dissemination of information on the development of bar code technology.
  7.  Providing freely GPIR System to all our members.

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How do I apply for barcode?

GS1 Cambodia is in charge of organizing coordination and administrating article numbering in Cambodia.  You must contact GS1 Cambodia and its branches.  We will provide you with a GS1 Cambodia Prefix and the specifications.

For more information about barcode please contact:

Tel  : (885) 23 882 576
H / P  : (855) 12 585 338/ 78 381 381
Email  :
Website :
Facebok Page     : GS1 Cambodia 
Linked : (


Sample application form as GS1 Cambodia



Enclosed: for GS1 Cambodia (Barcode)  
1.   Company registration 01 Copy  
2.   Identity / Passport  01 Copy   
3.   Patent 01 Copy   
4.   Objective 01 Copy