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CCC President attends 4th Cambodia-Vietnam Conference on Investment Cooperation

The fourth Cambodia-Vietnam Conference on Investment Cooperation was held at the Peac Palace on January 13, 2014 presided over by Prime Ministers of both countries. The conference has been conducted every year with the aim to promote economic cooperation in all sectors between Cambodia and Vietnam. Currently the main sectors of investment from Vietnam to Cambodia are agriculture and industry, telecommunication, banking, health care service, and power while Cambodia’s main exports to Vietnam include aquatic products, seafood, corn, dried tobacco, rubber latex, paddy rice and cashew nuts. The trade volume between both countries are expected to reach 5 billions USD by 2015.

“Cambodia and Vietnam has successfully brought their respective economies to new heights by capitalizing on the traditional friendship between our two countries and the many bilateral trade agreements. It is also very important to give credit to the continuous efforts by both of our governments and our Prime Ministers for the successes in the private sector,” said Neak Oknha Kith Meng, President of Cambodia Chamber of Commerce. “Vietnam is the 10th largest foreign investor in Cambodia, the third largest trade partner within ASEAN, and the sixth largest of Cambodia’s trading partners. Cambodia and Vietnam enjoy very complementary economies, along with similar consumer demands and habits. These factors, combined with 1,137 km of shared borders, are the foundation of substantial bilateral trade growth, which holds enormous possibilities for increased mutual benefits,” he added.

The Cambodia Chamber of Commerce is delighted and ready to team up with any interested business groups for any promotion initiative (such as today’s cutting-edge conference on investment cooperation) or any way to develop other mechanisms to foster increased trade between our two neighbouring countries.