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The EPCgobal Network will Deliver Real Business Benifits:

  1. Faster and more accurate reads.
  2. Accurate and trusted data.
  3. Lower inventory levels. RFID can reduce inventory levels and improve product availability by providing trusted real-time information about where products are. This give companies the confident to reduce inventory buffers along all past of the supply chain, improving cash flow and potentially reducing overheads.
  4. Fewer out of stocks: RFID has the potential to inform stuff or alert manager when shovels require re-stocks or a product is place in the wrong location.
  5. Reduced shrinkage. It is estimated that to per cent of sale is lost due to shrinkage. By scanning tag to accurately identify stock. Actually received, RFID can reduce shrinkage for the average retailor by up to 25 per cent at the case level and 40 per cent at the item level. Source: GCIEPC Roadmap.
  6. Better asset utilization.  The EPC global Network will enable companies to track and manage their reusable assets more efficiently and accurately, leading to a reduction in the required number of capital assets employed within the business.
  7. Anti-counterfeiting.
  8. Targeted recalls.