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What is a barcode?

Barcode are machine readable made of patterns of black and white.  Read by barcode scanners usually used in conjunction with databases.

Why use Bar code?

Bar code enable the rapid and un-ambiguous identification of products, assets, documents and people.  Using bar code can greatly reduce human errors in data entry and processing, eliminate ambiguities caused by inconsistent approaches to the product labeling and mistakes in reading hand writing.

What the benefits of using GS1 System?

  1. One standard to use with all Trading partners.
  2. Improved company-to-company communications throughout the supply chain.
  3. Better control over distribution and storage.
  4. Greater responsiveness to customers and consumers.
  5. Fewer errors in the recognition of goods.
  6. The ability to automate warehousing.
  7. Fast and accurate data capture at every point of supply chain.
  8. Facilitate for Exporting.